Program for microsatellite selection and primer design


QDD-VM (QDD in a virtual machine) is an easy but greedy installation. The virtual machine (VM) comes with QDD and (almost) all its dependencies installed in a Galaxy server. The installation is easy and you can either run QDD from a terminal (command line) or from your local Galaxy server installed into the VM, which provides a user friendly interface. However, the down-loadable file is very large (2.2 Gb) and you will need at least 1 GB of RAM and 50 Gb of storage for the VM. The 50 Gb of storage is dynamically allocated, which means this is the maximal volume used on the host machine, but the actual storage size depends on the quantity of data you keep on the VM. A collateral bonus is that after installing the VM version of QDD, you will also benefit from a local general purpose galaxy server and you will be able to use it for NGS data manipulation (http://galaxyproject.org/, http://wiki.galaxyproject.org/).

If you are not familiar with Virtual machines, the user manual of Oracle VM VirtualBox gives a very good introduction, or plenty of details, in case you want to know more. (https://www.virtualbox.org/manual/UserManual.html).

Download VM (same file for Linux and Windows):

QDD-VM version 3.1.2 ( 2.1 Gb ; 11 July 2014)

QDD-VM version 3.1.1 ( 2.1 Gb ; 17 Apr 2014)

QDD-VM version 3.1 ( 2.2 Gb ; 28 Jan 2014)

QDD-VM version 3.0 (beta) ( 3.4 Gb ; 04 Oct 2014)

QDD for manual installation

QDD is written in Perl and runs as a standalone application on Windows or Linux systems from a terminal (command line version).

This is a light and flexible version of QDD that can do the same analyses as the Galaxy version.

You can even change more parameters than with Galaxy and use batch submission if you have many files to run. The downside is that there is no graphical interface and you need to install all the dependencies of QDD.

Download (same file for Linux and Windows):

QDD version 3.1.2 ( 127 Mb; 04 July 2014 )

QDD version 3.1.1 ( 127 Mb; 17 Apr 2014 )

QDD version 3.1 ( 106 Mb; 28 Jan 2014 )

QDD version 3.0 (beta) ( 106 Mb; 04 Oct 2014 )

QDD for installation into an existing Galaxy server

Same files as for QDD for manual installation

Easy update
(Works both for the command line and VM)

Update QDD-3.1 or QDD-3.1.1 to QDD-3.1.2

QDD documentation

QDD documentation pdf ( 718 kb )

Sample files

All sample files are archives of input files and the output files produced by QDD-3.1.2 with the commads specified bellow.

Earlier versions

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